SNR’s Best-Kept Tennessee Highland Secret . . .

Q.  Where else can you be 100% certain of locally-grown vegetable and fruit freshness and —at the same time— save on “middleman” costs that retailers have no choice but to pass along to shoppers?

A.  In Cookeville, at the COOKEVILLE COMMUNITY FARMER’S MARKET. It’s an apple throw’s distance headed North on the right, on North Walnut (actually 201 Mahler Avenue), just past the West First Street intersection at the old train station, under the farmer’s market green pavilion.

When you’re looking for fresh (and fresh is the word!) melons, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, corn, or other main and side dishes and salad fixin’s, give the farm market a visit.                          

Just down the street,

talk and greet

the people who grow

the fresh produce you eat!

They are all (Cookeville Permit-holding) local farmers with all kinds of different produce, who likely have picked what you’re buying that very morning. We even hear-tell of some secret family recipes being exchanged.

With over 100 vendors last year (mostly seasonal), you get chance to meet the blueberry guy in June and the pecan guy in the fall. The pavilion roof structures and a dedicated parking lot make a stop-off there easy and convenient… even in the rain. You’ll be sure to return… even in the rain!  

COOKEVILLE COMMUNITY FARMER’S MARKET peak hours are 7 am to 12 pm on Saturdays, and this time of year, you might find a small early evening gathering on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.