Oh how I love to write.  If you know me much at all, you know without a doubt that I am not a writer.  Nor do I have the best grammar.  So please forgive any mistakes, large and small you may see through my blogging.  You see, I feel forced to do this.  But it does seem as though it will lead to more website traffic.  I'm going to see how long my patience will last, waiting for that to happen.

Some of the topics I will be blogging about...
- most expensive homes on the market
- homes with the best views
- company/ies in the area with the best customer service
- most popular listings
- most affordable homes
- any many more...

Again, I'm not promising anything award winning.  But I am promising that I want to make this a fun blog to read, with lots of pictures and less text (I'm better at that), with info that you might find interesting.  I want to, even with the fun blogs, always give a helpful real estate tip.

So until next time, which should be very shortly, enjoy this beautiful fall in the Highlands of Tennessee!

HELPFUL TIP:  #1 rule in choosing your real estate agent to list your property, DO NOT hire based on the price advised.  DO hire based on who you feel will market the property best.  You see, if you loved a marketing plan and the agent, talk to the agent (even if he/she didn't advise the highest price) about the price range you would like them to list the property for.  He/she may be willing to give and take to make the relationship work.  The wrong agent, even with the highest or even the right price, may make your property not sell or sell for much much less in the end, than it would have being listed with the RIGHT agent.

- Heather