This beautiful 211-acre park is located just 9 miles North of Cookeville,  TN on The Blackburn Fork River . Ask any local Putnam or Jackson County resident about this scenic spot and they will be sure to tell you about all the long lost teenage summers spent at Cummins Falls swimming hole that flowed from Blackburn Fork River. For over 100 years, friends and families, young and old have gathered here to spend time together.


     Cummins Falls has a rich colorful background surrounding it. Back in 1790, Native Americans used to track the large buffalo that waded and bathed in the shallow part of the Blackburn Fork River. Named after Sergeant Blackburn, a Revolutionary War veteran, he land was awarded to him in lieu of his pension. Not long after, in 1825, Mr. John Cummins gained ownership of the land and used it to build a mill which was very popular causing him to build a much larger second mill. Built for commercial and recreational use, the mills drawed in hundreds of locals. When the Great Flood of 1928 it destroyed both of the sought after mills, which were never rebuilt. The Cummins family managed to keep the beautiful area in their name and family for generations, 180 years to be exact, until it was bought by Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation.


      I have enjoied many beautiful summer days at Cummins Falls with my husband and kids. I had never really wondered about the history that entangled the park and I know that there is far more than what I have written about today. To think about all of the past, present and future generations that have and will enjoy this rich area is almost mind boggling to me. Above is a short video you can take a peek at:)  


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