Every opportunity we get, we try to use local businesses.  Customer service is very important as well as communication and turnaround time. Those are a few key things that we can always find from the friends that run local businesses around our city of Cookeville. There is one business we would like to take a moment to tell you about. Diversified Graphics right here in Cookeville has been a HUGE asset to our office.  Not only do they make our signs, but they do ALL of our letterhead as well. That may not sound like much, but these items are a huge part of making sure our clients are properly marketed.  Our friends at Diversified always make us feel like we are their top priority and they are always happy to help.  Real estate is a pretty demanding and unpredictable business.  Jessie and her coworkers at Diversified make sure we have everything we need.  It is so satisfying not having to worry about our products.  Everything is always completed in time.  Communication is also something they are amazing at.  We never have to worry about getting a hold of the folks over there and they are always sure to call us with any questions they have.  Jessie is awesome, she always makes sure she understands exactly how we want our signs and letterhead to look like. She puts our thoughts into reality.  As I said, real estate is pretty unpredictable. We have times that Heather is list, list, listing and we have a shortage on yard signs!!!  A quick call over to Diversified is all it takes.  They make sure to squeeze us in and whip us up a sign as fast as they possibly can. We can’t thank you enough for all that you guys do for us, you help keep us BOOMING!!!